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7 March 2021

1 March 2021
2 March 2021
3 March 2021
4 March 2021
5 March 2021
6 March 2021


Like other online game, Kolkata FF is also a game that is played online. But there is a difference in between this and other games. This is like satta game. You have to select some numbers and then put your some money to test your luck. Here luck means that if the chosen number comes out then it means you have won the game.

To check your Kolkata Fatafat Result you have to visit our portal. We publish the result of all baazi online and first of all. Now you want to know about what is Baazi. To know it in brief read the upcoming paragraph and also check the complete rules of this game.

Kolkata Fatafat Result

After investing some money on your selected numbers you need to know about Kolkata FF Result and that is available on this portal in the table form. You have to just find out your day’s baazi and in the below of that baazi you will find the result of this game. Also there are many apps on the play store.

But we recommend all of viewers to visit this portal to find the result first of all. Also you can subscribe to this portal and we will send you a notification of Kolkata FF Result online on your device whenever the company declare its result.

What is Kolkata FF Game ?

There are more than 6 Million people in the country who are playing it currently. Those who don’t know about Kolkata FF game and its rule, read this article and increase your knowledge in the field of online luck game. Simply this game is known as Kolkata Fatafat and you can play this game online and also check its result on the official portal.

One more thing this game is played eight times a day – Monday to Saturday and known as first baazi, second baazi, third baazi upto eighth baazi. On Sundays it is played only for times of the day that means there are four baazi on Sunday.

Kolkata Fatafat Result Time Table

Here in the below table you will find the time table of all baazi. The company will publish the result online according to below given time table. Check it and then at the exact time you can find out your online Kolkata FF Result.

Kolkata FF Fatafat Result Time Table
1st Baazi10:00 AM
2nd Baazi11:30 AM
3rd Baazi01:00 PM
4th Baazi02:30 PM
5th Baazi04:00 PM
6th Baazi05:30 PM
7th Baazi07:00 PM
8th Baazi08:30 PM

How to Win Kolkata Fatafat Game ?

There are many persons on some portals. They make a promise to help you in winning this game. All are fake and don’t know nothing about this game. The only thing which make help you in wining this game is only your own understandings and knowledge about this game.

If you uses the tips of others who don’t know nothing then you will lose all of your money. So before playing this game know every aspect of this game and use your knowledge and experience. Also your luck will help you to win this game.

Kolkata FF Online Old & New Result

This is one of the biggest game played in India. In the beginning it is played in West Bengal. But today it is also played in other states of the country. Poor people play this game to win a huge amount of money. This is the biggest online game of lottery. Everyone who is more than 18 years can play this game. But also it is illegal in the country.

Also there is a high chance of losing your money. You can win this game only when you make a correct guess of the numbers and only then you can win this game. In a single bazi there can be multiple winners. Also, this is a fun game and this is the only fun game that will provide you huge profits after winning this game.

Kolkata FF Tips

There are a lot of people who make promises that they will provide an accurate and best tip. According to them, they will give some numbers which will come in the result. And for that, they will charge some money. Here we want to aware all of our readers that such people are doing only frauds. There is no one who can tell you the correct number before declaring its result. So always be aware of such people who make fake promises and take your money. Your experience and knowledge about this game will help you to win this game. You can make contacts with those who are familiar with you and knows a lot about this game. Such people are working for a long time in this field and they know very well this game rule. Also, they can tell you the best upcoming number of the result.

Kolkata FF Live Today Result

In India, there are a lot of people who know about this game and play it daily. As we all know that you have to invest some amount of money to play this game. After that, the company will publish its result. And in the declared result you can check your own result status. If there is the same number in the result that you have selected earlier then it means you have won the game. if it is not the same then you lost the game. But this is not the last time. You can try again for winning the game. The procedure is the same again as you have done earlier or the first time. Kolkata FF Today Live Result is available on the top of this portal. You can check it in the above available table. If you want to know something else about this game then you can make a contact with us through the comment box.

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